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The Lord is our Light

& Salvation

Lady Robin Lawrence serves closely in ministry alongside her husband her “King for Life”Pastor Stephen Lawrence. She has worked diligently in the ministry empowering, encouraging and uplifting women through her vision “Ladies of Radiance”. She is sold out to God, her husband, her children Stephenae’ and Tygee, ministry and family. Lady Lawrence is determined to stand by her husband’s side as they reach the community by “Unveiling Christ” through the word of God.


Lady Lawrence is a graduate of Baltimore School of the Bible and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with emphasis in substance abuse and

counseling. She graciously completed her courses a year early from Kaplan Universitygraduating Cum Laude and detained the limelight as commencement speaker.


Lady Lawrence is the Owner/CEO of Harvest of Hope Behavioral Health located in Pikesville, Maryland. It is there that she uses the holistic approach to change the lives of individuals suffering from substance abuse and mental illness. It is her passion to see lives changed and transformed. This gives individuals a since of what a normal “drug-free life looks like.


Not only is it her passion but it is also her family’s testimony of how drug treatment and mental health therapy can change lives and restore families. She also understands that without God none of this would be possible. Lady Robin has worked in the Mental Health industry for multiple years as Executive Director of No Turning Back Behavioral Health and residential housing. She now operates in a dual capacity insuring that both organizations continue to change lives forever.


As the Lord continues to lead and guide her in ministry her passion is to reach a generation of people who has been hurt, betrayed and let down to show them there is still life after disappointment. She trusts that with the help of God we can reach the unreachable and touch the untouchable.


Lady Lawrence undoubtedly loves to serve the Lord with her whole heart and is not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. “This is the Lords doing and it is marvelous in our eyes” Psalms 118:23. She stands on the statement “Strive to be at the top because the bottom is overcrowded”. She encourages everyone to stand firm on the word of God because if he did it for her he can do it for you.

Lady Robin Lawrence

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Ladies of Radiance (LOR) is a women’s empowerment group birthed by Lady Robin....READ MORE

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